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Work Smarter-Not Harder

Making Keywords Work

          The “WRITE” Stuff

What moves your business to the front?  Key words.
Keywords are not only for website searches, titles or description            services or products.  Keywords are so much more.

          WHAT is a Keyword?

A keyword is any word or short phrase that describes a website topic or page.
The more a keyword is used by searchers and websites the more attraction power it has.


Have you given thought to the “key words” that go into your blogging?  You haven’t?
Then it’s time to explore and expand on your “Write stuff” for your blogging for content.
Keyword research is “market research” that you can do in advance of writing your blog.
Do you know what keywords your visitors use to find you?  Ever wonder how those that follow your blog found you?  It’s keywords.  Let’s call them “short topics of interest” so you can see how to make finding you, much easier.

Diaries, journals and online writing, blogging for content has become very popular in the world of technology.  We all have something to say, or services and products to offer to others in the internet realm.  What better way to connect with those then in the world of blogging. Once you have a blog set up, how do you attract your readers?  Today blogging venues offer you some great tools or short cuts on “tagging” or “keyword” subjects to include with your topics.  Are you offering product information or talking about services that Small Businesses can benefit from?
What ever you are offering, “keywords or key phrases” are your “meat and potatoes” of your blogging content.

You can search on the internet for “keyword search tools” and come up with hundreds, all claiming to be the best. Some offer monthly packages to help you target your keywords and draw in tons of visitors.  Is it worth it? Does it work?
That depends.  If you are a large company with a ton of products, you might want to invest in the $30 to $99 monthly fee.  However, it’s not necessary.  A smart marketing business person will capitalize on the FREE ENTERPRISE method and put some elbow grease into it.  You have your Google Analytic, a free stat program that is just as good or better for helping you with keywords that can attract your visitors.

Oh, blogging with keywords. Ha, I didn’t forget you.
Let’s say you are looking to put information out about a certain product. From a traffic perspective, targeting a post at the right keywords can bring you 10,000 visitors, where one that you write off the top of your head might bring you 100 visitors instead.

Let’s use a mobile phone for example.
Your internet business is mobile ready and you want people to know you are available anytime or anywhere and they can save you to their phone bookmarks.  All the information and “how to” is explained in your blog.  What “keywords” do you focus on?
What information do you “underline” or Link to capture their interest to “click”, take that “call to action” and grab their mobile phone and bookmark you?  You target the “keywords” of your topic and lead them to your business.

An example of keywords for the example above would be:

Mobile phone, digital devices, mobile bookmarks, mobile marketing, mobile shopping, your business name or a few of your business products.
You can also do a “keyword” search to see how many consumers are using those keywords or what is related that would be more attractive in your blog topic.

Some recommended links:  (Some require sign-up, per your browser provider.)
Google Keyword Tool
Bing Keyword Research Tool
WordStream Keyword Generator (useful if you want to see what everyone else is looking at)

Keywords are not a mystery, but as I mentioned, rather a “short word topic” that can easily be found and converted into sales for your business.

Remember to relate to your topic of interest with your keyword, key phrases, and if you use categories, make sure you can add more than one to your post. Look at related topics from others in your field. Are they blogging?  Do you have them listed in your “what I read”, many will link back to your blog, creating a positive back link.  Make sure to add your signature blog link to your emails, website and share with your social networking community.

You are setting a presence, building your foundation as a knowledgeable business person in your arena. Branding your business character is just as important as branding your services or products you are offering to the consumer.

I hope I have been informative and dispelled the “keyword” mystery and given you more sound incentive to include keywords in everything you do for your business.

Have a great day!
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From your “wordy gal and wanna be geek”
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Are you getting the benefits of Digital Shopping?

mobileshoppingAre you getting the benefits of Digital Shopping?

We’re in the first quarter of 2013.  New and rapid changes are all around us.
Are you ready?  Do you have your website on the mobile stream?

Digital is not new, but becoming more main stream and rapidly growing as we are no longer content to wait until later to buy products, schedule travel or find a “hot spot” for good eats.  Technology lets us act now, and we expect results.  In fact, we have become so dependent on being connected all the time that a recent poll estimated that 43% of adults in the US would gladly give up “BEER” for a month, if it mean they could keep accessing the internet from their smartphones and another 36% said they would give up chocolate!  Imagine that, ladies.

What does that mean for you, the small business owner?  Well, if you have a website and you aren’t mobile ready, this means you have fallen behind in consumer behavior.  In a world where people look to the mobile devices and real time streams, the digital journey has grown more complex, more competitive but certainly more obtainable.

Your customers are active all the time and everywhere, so you should be as well.  Harnessing the power of location, intent and social connections is possible today, and smart marketers are always on, always ready and making signals for customers to follow through.  The power of digital is the new search device for consumers.  No longer are we sitting behind the monitor comparing 10 products for pricing. We just input the search from our digital devices and the power to purchase is in our hands.

If you have not invested in putting yourself in the mobile world of business, I highly suggest you do that as soon as you can.  Small business can be powerful with the right tools.  Make sure you let your customers and visitors know you can be reached anytime, anywhere with just a click of a button.  Don’t miss out on future sales by being behind the consumer curve.
Take action now.  Look at your website hosting service and see if you have activated your “mobile site”, if not, I suggest you do or upgrade to a plan that includes this wonderful benefit.

What you do now, will pay off in the years to come, as technology reaches further and further outward and our consumers can’t wait to get in on the new devices coming around the corner.  I  know you want to be there to greet them with your products, services and more.

Happy Web Surfing
From your “wordy gal & wanna be geek”


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