Engagement: Social Networking in your Pocket

20 Jun

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Social Networking:  Engagement

I know most of you are familiar with the term “engagement”, bringing to mind a coming of two people into one union.  I want to talk to you about a different kind of engagement.  Social Networking.

Social networking is the “stream” of your information in today’s fast pace world, especially if you are on the internet.  We pass notes to each other, pictures; share our thoughts, feelings, opinions and more, daily, 24/7, 365.

What “had been” just as engaging to our social needs, have come a long way to where we are today,  ie; hand written letters, telegrams, home telephone, beepers, the cell phone, email, and now we have brought “engagement” to a new level.  We see each other on our cell phones, we can “engage” face to face in a wireless world, we can put pictures out into the world at a click of a finger, and we mass rush to get all the internet social “toys” downloaded to our cell phone, iphone, ipad, and computer, all in the hopes of sharing like-minded “engagement”.

Many of us “baby boomers” marvel at the pace of technology and strive to gain knowledge of this new measure of technology.  Our kids will never know the feel of a hand held Princess phone, or the cassette tape messages we long remember.  To keep up with this and expand ourselves, we “engage”.  Oh, forgive me, I’m dating here.  Yes, back to the point of this post.

Social Networks are always trending, by this I mean, that one day they are the “Top” of the mountain, then “poof” gone in a click of “delete”.  Wonder where they go?  You were having fun, right?  It was your favorite place to shop, or share or places your products are for sale… and now what?   Welcome to our ever changing world of social networking.  We would never know this without the sharing of knowledge among our peers.  Social Networking.

The old phrase comes to me, “nothing is ever promised”.  You must work for it.  I believe this and I try to pass on the positive meaning to those that wonder why a selling venue didn’t work out or why they don’t seem to get many people to their website for product sales.  When we stretch ourselves out too far, we can lose sight of our goals, especially if you are a Small Business Owner.  You have so much on your plate that you don’t know where to start, let alone, keep a daily list of social networks to maintain.  Then, at times, we don’t seem to stretch far enough.  What is the best formula?  In my opinion, time and experience play an important part in this rule of “engagement”.

For the past 20+ years we have watched our Social Networking venues come of age.  MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Yahoo, Tumblr, Instagram and several others, and they are ever changing to meet the needs of technology, from our kids to our businesses.   We are “engaged” with it.  What we didn’t know, we learned.  What we did for our business, we do better, share further and can increase sales with our new form of social networking tools available at the click of a finger.  Sweet!

New online businesses are added daily to the internet stream of our social “engagement”.  Engaging in social networking is much like enjoying an engaging conversation with your best friend.  We want to reach out to the public, be their friend; share with them our products, opinions and knowledge of our business.  We are proud to be in the digital world,  as we should be.  But just like talking to our friends, how much time do we have to engage with the social networking venues and which ones are the best to get our message across?  This has been a question that is asked time and time again.  Media marketing firms are always in a “huff” to get you to sign up here or sign up there, as it’s the best place to get your information out to the world.  In truth, my opinion, you must choose the one, or ones you believe to be right for you.  Just as you, would choose your friend.

I do however; believe that you must engage daily in your business growth, just as you grow your friendships online, unseen, but with your best interest at heart.  Know which social networking venue is right for you.  How is it helping your business to grow on the internet?  Which search engines are listening to you?  Which social networks couple to “engage” you further out into the wider world of social streaming?   Keep a daily management list of what to track, which network is giving you the “push” for your visibility.  Are you spending your advertising funds in the right place?

I am but a small pea in the garden of this wonderful world of digital media and I love the research and knowledge that comes with it.  I do not profess my post will make you a star business, or put your business at the level of Amazon, Sears, and other big brand names, but I do hope you will break through the “hype” of “more is better”, as when done effectively, less can be just as successful.   One doesn’t need 100 search engines to gain business, but one does need to maintain and nurture the major search engines with good company content, solid links, appealing graphics, and active social networking content.

If you thought I would be targeting the social networks, I don’t feel I know you that well to make a suggestion, which many have made in the past on this subject.  I wanted you to make a comparison of how you spend your time, socially or business with engaging with the social networks.  I also suggest searching for your business on all three major search engines. If your social networking venue is not sharing your business content with the search engines, that would be a big clue that the social networking venue you are on, is not working for your business.  If you do not find you have the time to devote to a social network that will produce the actions you desire for your business, hire a VBA or Virtual Business Assistant to help you with what needs to be worked on.  Small business marketing and advertising people work harder for you, knowing your business and needs to help you grow.

Enjoy your day.
From your wordy gal

By Taylor @ NativeByDesignz, CEO @ NBD Media Solutions.
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