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Handmade and the Designer: B2B Showcase of Talent #2

Handmade and the Designer: B2B Showcase of Talent

The Handmade Business

The Handmade Business

This week I would like to introduce you to a “pair of lovely Brooklyn, NY natives” whose handmade knitting and crochet items are a hit from coast to coast. Calcedonia Design.

Dora, as we know her, has sold her handmade items from local community fairs, church fairs and to the local boutiques in the Brooklyn, NY area.  She has worked in the crafting business off and on for many years and like most of us, just got “hooked” on crafting.  Dora, also named from her mother’s nickname (Dora), is joined by her mother, Calcedonia, (To which the Business Name comes from both these ladies) as business partners and make a great team.

These two amazing ladies make & hand design fabulous baby accessories, scarves, hats and you can purchase other items in their store, such as jewelry and doll clothes.

Mother Calcedonia, is 90 years young and we hear she can knit and crochet up a storm. God Bless You! I suppose that could be the cause of the windy weather that comes from the Brooklyn area at certain times of the year. (smiles) This pair of unique ladies are the heart and soul of the Calcedonia Design Store. 

Handmade Baby Accessories

Handmade Baby Accessories

Even before the dream of Calcedonia Design was formed, Dora and Mom were very active in many charities to help the less fortunate and the children in the local NY area.  Many of their handmade products went to the charity of “Babies in Need”.  A non-profit organization in Long Island, NY, where both ladies donate blankets, preemie hats and booties, all hand made.

Their other favorite charity is The Salt and Sea Mission; it’s also an organization for Children in need at Christmas. So you can see, these ladies are very busy year round and do a bang up job of spreading color and warmth to others. Nothing is “scrapped”, they make use of every inch of yarn with their wonderful talents. 

Calcedonia Design Hats

Calcedonia Design Hats


In 2008 Calcedonia Design joined the Etsy online community and has been a hit seller ever since. You can choose to Special Order or purchase from ready to wear hats, scarves, gloves, tams and even special order your favorite Team Sports colors. 


"Go Gators!" Team Color Hand gloves

“Go Gators!” Team Color Hand gloves







Baseball, Football or just about any sport that shows their team spirit colors, Dora and Mom can make for you. Just remember, “Special Orders” do require time and you should always email Dora for any special information or approximate date to expect your order.



Hand designed Doll Clothes and accessories

Hand designed Doll Clothes and accessories


Calcedonia Design is more than just an online store.  You can find many other items for your buying pleasure and gifts.  Jewelry, baby doll clothes, and other items you will love to buy. 

I have known Dora for some years now, and I can be honest and say with sincerity that she is as wonderful to know as a friend and even more so as a Small Business Owner. Dora and is always ready to answer any questions you may have about her handmade products and special orders. 

 I recommend you put Calcedonia Design on your shopping list and take a look at the quality of work and design. When buying for yourself, a family, friend or for a new baby gift, think Calcedonia Design for that special someone.

Thank you Calcedonia Ladies, for all the beauty you bring to the world.
Support your local online Sellers and buy USA handmade products.

Look for our next Small Business Showcase coming soon. 
Written by:  Taylor McCoy 
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