Meet Native By Designz

A little history about me and why I love to design~
My Great-Great Grandmother (full Cherokee), gave me my Indian name, “Judum Juikic”, right about the time she started teaching me about the land, the spirits of her life, the medicine she used to make me well, all this started in steps at the age of 2.  Native American Indian means different things to different people, but it’s apart of who I am and I keep the stories and tales of my family moving forward in a written journal that my daughter has.

I have always dabbled in the creative arts.  Even as a small child, my walls were covered in drawings. My canvas was any wall I could paint a picture on. Ah, those were the days.  Throughout my life, I’ve enjoyed creating art in several venues; teaching art, painting, crafting, designing jewelry, clay & plaster, sewing, constructing/building, native home remedies and all natural bath products. If it could be useful, it could be made into something beautiful.

I have a deep respect and love of my Cherokee heritage. The history of my family is Cherokee and Blackfeet (Blackfoot), out of the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina and Virginia.  I’m still in research, but have traced our family name to the “Bear Clan”, one of several tribes that survived and stayed behind during the mandatory moving of the Native American Indians to the far west.

I also have a hobby of marketing, research, campaigns, and more tech stuff in small business advertising.  I enjoy pushing the envelope and getting the tech jargon down to layman’s words.  Not everyone has a degree in business, but there’s a lot of us that love our business.

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